Perform all of your acoustic liquid dispensing on a single instrument

The ATS Gen5 is the latest generation of acoustic liquid dispensers from EDC Biosystems. The Gen5 provides greater flexibility over a wide range of applications.

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Why limit yourself? The ATS Gen5 can use a variety of source plates from leading plate manufacturers. We have extensively tested several plates for optimal performance.  READ MORE


Researchers and scientists from around the globe have successfully used the Gen5 for a wide variety of applications including PCR, cell-based assays, gene sequencing and IC50's.  READ MORE

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Acoustic Dispensing 101

The ATS Gen5 uses focused low-energy sound waves to dispense droplets from a source well and transfers them to any destination target site.  READ MORE

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Integration with Robotics

The ATS Gen5 easily integrates with other instruments and lab automation for a complete screening platform. We have worked closely with world-class system integrators in every major market. Powerful workflow and plate mapping software is bundled with each instrument allowing users to quickly design, create and run maps in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Integrated workcells

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Service & Support
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About EDC Biosystems

World-wide network of collaborators and partners

EDC Biosystems has developed a network of sales and distribution partners in every major market. Contact our representatives in your area for a quotation or answers to your questions.


Our customers depend upon fast and reliable service. Factory trained service personnel respond to our customer's needs and can handle simple maintenance tasks to system repairs and refurbishments.  SERVICE PARTNERS

Since 1979, our team of highly-skilled engineers, scientists and manufacturing experts has designed and constructed laboratory and process equipment for real-world research and production environments. Originally servings the magnetic storage disk and semiconductor industries, we attained worldwide notoriety with our surface finishing equipment. Today, with our broad range of expertise in biotechnology, electronics, precision mechanics, closed-loop motion control, software and factory automation, we are focused to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation.  READ MORE

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