The ATS is capable of a large variety of applications including the dispensing of RNA and DNA dissolved in different solutions. The ATS can dispense both of these nucleic acids without difficulty. The system has dispensed very long strands of DNA and short double strand siRNA.

Typical Applications
  • Enzyme & Cell-based Assays

  • Gene Sequencing

  • Pre-plating of compounds

  • Dose-responses / IC50's

  • Hit-picking & plate reformatting

  • Protein Crystallography

Compounds & Reagents
  • Proteins

  • DMSO

  • Aqueous Solutions

  • Live Cells

  • Complex Lysates

  • Synthetic Biology

Biological Crystallography

Download a research paper discussing how acoustic technology has been integrated into the workflow to successfully lead to the discovery of crystallization conditions for proteins.

Acoustic Technology in Crystallization

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True Non-contact Technology

Low-energy Acoustic Dispensing