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Non-invasive Fluid Property Measurements Using Acoustic Methods

A method for using acoustic wave response analysis to measure fluid properties is discussed.

Detection and Eradication of Microbubbles in Acoustic Dispensing

A method is described for eradicating microbubbles that form on the acoustic lens during dispensing operations.

Effects of Wellplate Properties on the Quality of Acoustic Dispensing

Understanding how wellplate properties, such as bottom thickness and surface treatments, affect the acoustic dispensing are presented.

Accuracy and Precision in Low Volume Liquid Transfers

Described is a technique for using the Artel Method for improving the precision and accuracy of acoustic liquid dispensing of the ATS.

NanoBRET Implementation in HTS for Drug Discovery

Described is a method for using acoustic dispensing to improve the dose response curves of compounds and the NanoLuc substrate.

NanoBRET Target Engagement and Acoustic Dispensing Technologies for Drug Screening

The use of acoustic dispensing technology to improve the work flows for the NanoBRET Target Engagement is discussed.

High Resolution Acid-Base Titration in Acoustic Dispensing

A new method of acoustic dispensing incorporating the speed of dispensing large drops with a resolution of less than a nano-liter is discussed.

True Non-contact Technology

Low-energy Acoustic Dispensing